2011 - La estructuración y dinamización social para una mejor gobernanza de las comunidades rurales: Caso de estudio en Cuenca, España

Autores: José María Díaz Puente, Francisco Javier Gallego Moreno y Pablo Vidueira
Título: La estructuración y dinamización socila para una mejor gobernanza de las comunidades rurales: Caso de estudio en Cuenca, España
Revista: Cuadernos de Desarrollo Rural. ISSN: 0122-1450
Volumen: 8 (66)
Páginas Inicio: 73 Final: 101
Fecha: 2011
Lugar de Publicación: Bogotá, Colombia
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Governance has to be supported by a social involvement process that includes all population groups and that has the appropriate technical and institutional support. This generates functional groups of citizens capable of being responsible for their own development and improving the governance of their territories. In this regard it is important to analyze some questions about relations between public institutions and local associations, the role of these associations in the territory and the difficulties encountered in rural underpopulated areas. This article addresses these issues from the experience of more than 25 years of the Association Instituto de Desarrollo Comunitario de Cuenca in encouraging social involvement in the depopulated rural areas of the Spanish province of Cuenca. From this longterm vision, some aspects are proposed to successfully accompany this process, ensure the motivation of the population, the establishment of local associations, and the creation of sustainable partnerships that promote good governance and community leadership in the development process

Keywords: Governance, rural development, social involvement, partnership, rural underpopulation; Rural governance, community structural funds, sustainable development, social capital, local partnerships