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2012 - Learning strategies to promote entrepreneurship. Case study in the region of Madrid (Spain)

Autores: Susana Sastre Merino, Francisca Gómez-Gajardo, Ignacio de los Rios
Título: Learning strategies to promote entrepreneurship. Case study in the region of Madrid (Spain)
Revista: Advances in Education Research. ISSN: 2160-1070
Volumen: 7
Fecha: 2012
Páginas: Inicial: 111 Final: 117
Lugar de Publicación: USA
Enlace: Pincha aquí



Entrepreneurial activity is positioned as the main promoter of technology transfer and innovation with a direct impact on economic development, and learning is considered an important factor in its configuration. In this context, and for the first time, a characterization and analysis is presented with the broad and diverse range of training to promote entrepreneurship in the Community of Madrid. For this purpose, through the project Panorama Laboral 2011, 111 learning strategies related to educational innovation and entrepreneurship have been characterized in Madrid region. The main results indicate a clear link between learning and entrepreneurship and confirm that entrepreneurs primarily seek training to gain confidence in their abilities and skills needed to venture, stressing the importance of skills such as business strategy, creativity, commitment and motivation and the importance of networking.

Keywords: Learning, Educational innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competences

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